The Application Process

What is the Award / Grant / Scholarship / Sponsorship?

The fund covers the fee for the week-long Cycle Oregon ride. This covers meals and all other support during the ride. (In 2013, the fee was $895!) Since this will be the first Cycle Oregon ride for our winner(s), the award also includes "Tent & Porter Service" to help reduce any worry about packing and pitching a tent, moving belongings, and so on. The rider can just enjoy the experience at no expense.

Non-monetary support may come in the form of assistance with equipment, offer of rides to and from the event, training advice, and so on.


We want to sponsor a First-time Cycle Oregon rider.

The winning rider must be physically capable of participating in the week-long ride, which typically travels 60 to 80 miles a day, with elevation gain and loss.

You should expect to provide your own equipment (bike, shoes, sleeping bag, etc). However, if this is an obstacle, the MB Fund will try to help. This is our first time too! :^)

About the Application Form & Essay Questions

You must complete and submit a simple application form so we know who is applying. In addition to the form, you are asked to write three short essays concerning your interest in the week-long cycling event. You'll find the essay questions on the application form. Here are some tips for you:
  • Please limit your response to 1000 words total for the three questions.
  • In the submission step, you can send your printed or handwritten responses and essay responses on paper, or you can attach .doc/.pdf/.txt files to an email message.
  • Please don't write your essays directly in your email message, or use the Application Form itself for your essay questions.


Application Submission

We will have an application for 2014 online on February 5th. This is the process we followed each year:

  • As above, you may submit your application materials via Email or via Postal Service.
  • Applications will be acknowledged.
  • All applications will be retain for the record by MBF, and cannot be returned.

The Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed, scored, and discussed confidentially by the Board of Directors. If it turns out that any winning applicant is unable to commit to the Ride in a timely manner, the Board will offer the award to another person.

At the end of the Ride

All we ask is that our rider share his or her story, in some way, after the ride is over.

Application Form in different formats: (Word Doc) | (PDF for printing)

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