The Ride

The 'Classic' Ride starts the first weekend after Labor Day. In 2019, this will be from September 7-14. Ride details will be on the Cycle Oregon website, after the Kickoff in early late January, early February.

Get Equipped

The MBF may be able to assist with equipment, ride-share transportation to/from the route start/finish, and so on.

Get in Shape

Cycle Oregon has some top advice for getting your body in shape. [BROKEN LINK!]

Also see the Cycle Oregon Preparation Blog. [BROKEN LINK!]

Cycle Oregon Week-Long Ride

The route begins in one town, then typically visits a different community each day. CO uses a caravan of trucks to transport showers, tents, cooking facilities, etc, from town to town. Music is provided in the evenings, and talks from locals, even Geology Lessons! Maps of each days' site show locations of the tent city, meals, stage, showers, toilets and so on. It is a veritable traveling tent revival.

Cycle Oregon's Ride Details page tells you what to expect on the week-long Classic ride.

Tell Your Story

Soon after the ride is over we would like to share your story, or photo(s), or link to your blog, journal, sketches, ... whatever you would like to share. In addition, The Oregonian usually covers Cycle Oregon, so a reporter may check in with you from time to time.

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