The 2016 Winners

We are proud to award riderships to Monique Ybarra, Hagen Hammons, Oscar Fernandez, Trina Kanewa, and Carly Reimer in our fourth year of honoring Mark Bosworth with this grant fund!

Monique Ybarra

Hillsboro, Oregon

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this opportunity to be a part of the Cycle Oregon ride this fall. I am delighted to accept this offer and look forward to riding on behalf of your father.

Hagen Hammons

Sandy Springs, Georgia

Wow! Thank you so much for selecting me as a full grant recipient. It is truly an honor to be able to ride on behalf of the Mark Bosworth Fund.

Carly Reimer

Del Rio, Texas

I hoped spying on my competitors would reveal the secret to this cycling thing. No, no secret, only smiles and simple bliss. There was no competitive edge, only comradery among strangers.

Oscar Fernandez

Portland, Oregon

Thank you for considering my application and for sharing the good news. I am honored to be a recipient, and accept with gladness and with the realization that we honor a bicyclist who is not with us. I look forward to meeting the other worthy recipients.

Here is Oscar at top of Bear Camp Overlook, Siskiyou National Forest 9/15/2016. He signed up for CO2017, but that ride was cancelled. We wish him a happy ride in 2018!

Trina Kanewa

Springfield, Oregon

Doing the Happy Dance...


Here are the 2016 MBF Riders on the first night, the day before the ride.

Hagen, Oscar, Carly, Trina, and Monique! Here they are with Friends and family also on the first night.

Hagen's Friend to the left of him, then behind Hagen is Mark's friend and MBF board member John; Mark's nephew Zachary, and Mark's brother Eric.


Here are the MBF Riders and Board Members on the last night of the ride, in Glendale.

Kirsten, Hagen, Trina, Monique, Eric, Julie, Kelly, Clair, Carly, Oscar. Incredible!

Our other board members, John and Ingrid, are not in this photo. John was with his site team, ahead in Myrtle Creek, setting it up for the finish. Ingrid was traveling. (?)

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